Pickup & Delivery

Using our refrigerated vans, we can pickup and deliver wines stored at Imperial, whether next door or anywhere in the state of Florida. We regularly travel to see our storage clients from Jacksonville to Key West.

Collection Management

Full service wine collection management including shipping via refrigerated carriers, receiving, inspection, inventory, data entry, and pickup/delivery available to all our clients.

We also offer full inventory services, either in your cellar or at Imperial.

Cross Docking

Imperial Wine Storage serves as a Florida hub for many wine auction houses in the US. Our loading dock accommodates 18-wheelers and we have a forklift and can shrinkwrap, store and unload/load pallets. We can also provide “last mile” services to inventory, pack, pickup, and deliver wines going to and coming from an auction to/from a private residence.

Cellar Pack/Unpack

We have performed private cellar collection installations of 40,000 bottles in Palm Beach and have been featured in articles in Wine Spectator for our collection management systems.

Whether you need us to pack a 100 bottle collection or 40,000 bottle collection, we have the experience and expertise not found anywhere else in the state of Florida.

Emergency Storage

Having a problem with your wine cellar and need your wine out quickly? Our team of professional wine packers can pack your wine cellar, temporarily store your collection at Imperial, then return your collection when your wine cellar repairs are completed.