Serious Wine Storage for Serious Wine Collectors

South Florida’s only full service wine storage facility. 


Trusted since 2003, Imperial Wine Storage has provided south Florida with premier storage and wine collector services.


Full Service

Imperial is the only full service wine storage facility in Florida.  Whether you want just storage or have us inventory, pickup, deliver, manage, or help transport your wine anywhere in the country, Imperial can help.


With dozens of security cameras, multiple alarms, redundant commercial refrigeration systems, and a diesel backup generator, your wine is safe, secure, and well protected.

Serious Storage for Serious Collectors

Concrete and steel surround your wine collection.  Redundant commercial refrigeration with a diesel backup generator ensures optimal temperature and humidity at all times.


Pickup and Delivery service available using our two refrigerated vans ensure full temperature control door-to-door.

Inventory Services

Full service wine collection management including shipping, receiving, inspection, inventory, data entry, and pickup/delivery available to all our clients.

Reliable Power

Unstoppable diesel generator reliability ensures uninterrupted power through storms, hurricanes, and power outages.

Happy Wine

Laura and the entire Imperial team has always provided me the most professional, sincere, and fast service.  I highly recommend Imperial to all my wine collecting friends.


- A Happy Client