Temperature Control

State-of-the-art redundant fail-over commercial refrigeration systems maintain optimal temperature and humidity at approximately 55 degrees and 70 percent humidity.


From small to custom designed vault spaces.

  • Small ($39.50/month) – up to 18 cases
  • Medium ($70/month) – up to 30 cases
  • Large ($130/month) – up to 60 cases

Capacity estimates are based on standard Bordeaux case size. Rustproof padlocks can be purchased at the facility. All lockers are 6 or 12 month prepaid agreements.


A limited number of private wine cellars are available for large collections (generally more than 200 cases). Each cellar is constructed of concrete block and is outfitted with industrial shelving and its own locking steel wire door.

Prices vary according to size. Please call us for availability and pricing.

Safe and Secure

Most (but not all) wine storage facilities have a backup generator, which is a must in Florida. But, instead of Gas or Propane, we chose to install a Diesel Generator. Why did we chose diesel? In a hurricane, diesel is the most readily available fuel and one that can be stored in drums safely. In the event of an extended power outage, we feel a diesel generator will be the most likely to run for extended periods, not only because of reliable operation, but because of more readily available fuel. City supplied natural gas can be shut off at anytime in a disaster whereas our self-contained generator can run indefinitely. 

Cross Docking

We offer temporary pallet storage for “first mile” & “last mile” cross-docking in combination with our pickup and delivery services. In addition, we offer short term pallet storage while your home is being remodeled, you are relocating, or just need to temporarily store your collection.